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Can my ONKYO amplifier or receiver drive 4 ohm speakers?

Our amplifiers and receivers incorporate high quality materials and technical concepts to provide the best sound quality and a safe listening environment in which to enjoy music and movies for many years. But, due to CE configuration regulations, we can only guarantee safe use with minimum 6-ohm speakers.

However, many speakers operate at 4 ohms, and some even drop below 4 ohms at certain frequencies. In certain circumstances, both speakers and amplifier could be seriously damaged or even destroyed.
For example:

  • if the 4 ohm speaker's resistance drops below 4 ohms at certain frequencies;
  • if you are listening to the music at a very loud volume;
  • if you are playing extremely dynamic music (for example, CDs with high-level equalization, or recordings like "Tschaikowsky 1812" or "Charly Antolini-knock out" or other highly dynamic material).

This combination of factors can be very dangerous and should be avoided. Please contact your dealer or distributor to find out about the impedance response of your speakers (over their entire frequency range!).
Unfortunately, it is our experience that some speakers do have difficulties in their impedance response.
Also please note that using 50 to 60% of the maximum volume indication set with the volume will give you full clean power output of the power stage. Turning the volume up further will not increase the volume but will increase distortion which could endanger your amplifier and your speakers.

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